Best Birth Related Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now


Whether you are a birth professional, an expecting parent, or a new parent, get an earful from  any of the podcasts on the list, featuring various experts and discussions on a range of topics from pregnancy to parenting.


  1. Birthful The Podcast – Tap into the confident,calm & fearless mother within you.
  2. Prenatal Yoga Center Podcast
  3. Yoga | Birth | Babies Podcast with Deb Flashenberg
  4. The Longest Shortest Time is a parenting podcast with Earwolf and Hillary Frank
  5. The Birth Hour – A Birth Story Podcast
  6. Progressive Parenting with Gena Kirby
  7. The NY Doula Podcast with Stephanie Heintzeler
  8. toLabor Doula Podcast with Thérèse Hak-Kuhn
  9. Healthy Births, Happy Babies Podcast with Dr. Jay Warren and popular birth educators such as Dr. Capetanakis, Care Messer, Anna Verwaal, Dr. Michel Odent, Dr. Sarah Buckley, Penny Simkin, Barbara Harper and Dr. Bruce Lipton.
  10. Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Podcast  
  11. Birth, Baby, and Life with Kristen Burgess
  12. Fear Free Childbirth Podcast with Alexia Leachman
  13. All About Breastfeeding with Lori Jill, IBCLC
  14. Dearest Doula with Nathalie Saenz
  15. Fourth Trimester Podcast with Sarah Trott
  16. 40 Weeks Pregnancy Podcast with Vanessa Merten
  17. The Postpartum Podcast with Kellie Edson
  18. Birthing While Black with Denise Bolds


I'm a Birth Doula.

Together we will go over your birth plan, your fears and expectations; practice breathing and massage techniques, and birth positions; go over how to stay nourished and hydrated during labor; discuss different birth outcomes and interventions used during labor and the best ways to interact with the medical team to make sure you are prepared as best as you can be for the most satisfying birth. My services include:1 prenatal consultation around 36 weeks; prenatal phone/email support from 7 am to 9 pm, and round the clock phone/email support during labor until we meet; continuous labor support; 1 postpartum meetings within 3 weeks after the birth.

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