The Doula Bag – What Will My Doula Bring To The Birth?

doula bag


Doulas are there when we need them the most. With some variations, here is a list of what you might expect to find in that big old doula bag they carry to labor with them.


  1. Essential oils and an oil diffuser — to turn that delivery room into a spa oasis. You would be surprised how much the nurses and the OB’s love the smell of lavender.
  2. Candles  — to further add to the relaxing atmosphere and help the laboring woman get into a calm state of mind.
  3. Massagers — of different varieties, especially tennis balls. For back pain, tingling sensation in the legs and other discomforts either during contractions or from epidural anesthesia.
  4. Heat and Cold Packs — great form of natural pain relief.
  5. Flashlight — in a dark room sometimes things need to be found without turning the light on and disturbing the laboring mother.
  6. Rebozo — invaluable to me. Originated in Mexico, it has taken the birth scene by storm. Versatile, soft, strong, and pretty, a rebozo is a useful tool in managing contractions, helping with difficult labor, and pushing.
  7. Lotion — foot and hand rubs are super relaxing any time, but especially during labor.
  8. Hair brush and ties — for that stubborn hair that keeps getting into mom’s face during contractions.
  9. Snacks, drinks, and bendy straws — for herself and the couple.
  10. Lollipops and honey sticks – when eating isn’t an option, but mom needs extra energy, those are easy to consume and are very useful.
  11. Folding chair or a yoga mat — doulas need rest too, and labor rooms don’t always have enough chairs.
  12. Peanut ballstudies show that peanut balls used in combination with epidural anesthesia can reduce C-section rates. They help create more room in the pelvis and bring the baby down.
  13. Scissors, a fan, a mirror, hairpins, lip balm, phone charger and other useful little things — you never know what the couple might need during labor, so doulas like to be prepared for anything.
  14. Your birth plan — because she works for you, and your wishes are the most important to her. She might need to remind you of your preferences when unexpected things happen.

Here you have it! What did your doula produce out of her bag? What surprised you the most on the list?


I'm a Birth Doula.

Together we will go over your birth plan, your fears and expectations; practice breathing and massage techniques, and birth positions; go over how to stay nourished and hydrated during labor; discuss different birth outcomes and interventions used during labor and the best ways to interact with the medical team to make sure you are prepared as best as you can be for the most satisfying birth. My services include:1 prenatal consultation around 36 weeks; prenatal phone/email support from 7 am to 9 pm, and round the clock phone/email support during labor until we meet; continuous labor support; 1 postpartum meetings within 3 weeks after the birth.

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