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Hi there, welcome to The Doula Services Network.  We are here to guide you in the right direction.  Whether you are searching for  a doula in your local area or looking for  doula training  to help women in this very important transition of their lives… becoming a mother.  Take your time to browse our resources and feel free to join us on Facebook as well.

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Birth Doulas will support the mother to help her achieve the birth she desires.  Postpartum Doulas will support the mother after the new baby arrives. Helping out with anything from lactation consulting to getting groceries.  Find the doula that’s right for you here →

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Looking for doula training or certification?  Let us make the process simpler for you – find all the resources you need to start on this beautiful journey here →

What Services Does a Doula Offer?

sisterhoodmotherhoodDoula Services can include anything from supporting the laboring mother during childbirth to helping with the cooking after the baby is born.  It really depends  on the type of Doula you need. Birth doulas, who takes care of the laboring mother can provide the necessary physical and emotion support that helps the mother to be overcome the discomfort of childbirth, providing much needed massages and words of encouragement. Where as a Postpartum Doula would assist in alleviating the stresses that comes with a new born baby, perhaps helping with the diapering duties, cooking or even running light errands…  Read More

What Are The Benefits of Having A Doula?

Benefits-to-hiring-DoulaA recent study from the University of Minnesota Public School of Health found that using doulas during birth can cut the rate of cesarean by 40%. It results not only in a more pleasant birth experience for the mother and the baby, but also substantial financial savings for the healthcare industry. Other benefits include shorter labors, less need for epidurals, a higher success rate of VBAC, less need for assisted delivery i.e. using forceps, vacuum, etc. and new moms having a better birth experience overall… Read More

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