Doulaing everyday things

I am a mother and sometimes I wonder if I am really a doula everyday?

Then, I thought — yes I am!

Here’s how —

I comfort my daughter who got bumped by her little brother! I say “It is going to be OK — do you need some ice?”

The child that comes crying from the other room…because of one of his siblings took away his toy… “Yes, come to mama, I’ll make sure you get your toy back.”

My husband who needs his coffee, “Right now…and I get it…for him even though I haven’t had any yet…”

All of this is doulaing the every day!

A doula sacrifices herself daily for her family. I am Catholic so I also include the imagery of just looking at Jesus on the Cross — part of our daily routine should be sacrificing for others…

not being selfish

not putting myself first

making sure everyone is OK

feeding myself last…

This is the true sacrifice of a mother and a doula…

What have you done for a loved one today?

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Julie Larsen - Contributor

Julie Larsen - Contributor

Julie Larsen has been a doula since 2010-2011. She certified originally as a Hypno-Doula, 2015 as Madriella doula; started training doulas in 2014 through a spiritual approach at "The Catholic Doula Program"; besides training doulas online, Julie has a full-time "mom" job of taking care of her family. Julie recently started Royal Rebozoway online course at Rebozo Workshop website:
Julie Larsen - Contributor

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