Lamaze International

Lamaze International

lamaze2What is the Lamaze Method?

The Lamaze Method of childbirth is part of a bigger organization, Lamaze International, which also advocates for “healthy and safe pregnancy, birth and early parenting”. The expectant parents, their medical teams and Lamaze educators work together to achieve this common goal. Lamaze practices are based on medical research and promote the notion that childbirth is a normal, natural process, and requires as little intervention as possible. However, Lamaze is not about just giving birth. It is about healthy and safe pregnancy, and learning how to be a parent to a new baby. Lamaze educators’ mission is to normalise natural birth and empower women all over the world to trust their bodies and make informed choices.

The Lamaze method first came to United Stated  in the 1950s from France. Dr. Fernand Lamaze was inspired by the birthing practices in Russia and decided to incorporate them in his home country. The idea of birth as an intimate experience that involves both parents became widely popular in the US. In the 1960, childbirth educators Elisabeth Bing and Marjorie Karmel (Dr. Lamaze’s former patient and the author of ” Thank You, Dr. Lamaze”) founded the Lamaze International (first known as ASPO/Lamaze), which helped millions of couples have the natural births they wanted.


What are the benefits of Lamaze?

At the heart of the Lamaze Method is “a family-centered maternity care”. The Lamaze supporters maintained that a with the proper preparation and emotional support of family and the healthcare providers, women can have a satisfying birth experience, which supports the mother’s and baby’s wellbeing. Lamaze maintains, that based on scientific evidence, women are capable of delivering babies naturally and safely. The Lamaze Method benefits are:

  • reduced unnecessary medical interventions
  • improved birth outcomes
  • supports home births and birth centers
  • empowers women to trust their intuition and their bodies during pregnancy and labor
  • informational and emotional support during the birth
  • certified instructors
  • tips on how to find a doula and select a trusted and supportive medical team
  • helps couples communicate effectively with the medical team regarding the medical practices used during the birth, as well as their risks and side effects
  • tips on healthy pregnancy including nutrition, exercise and bed rest
  • information of the birthing process, labor stages
  • ways to reduce pain during labor, breathing and birthing positions
  • tips for the birth partner on how to provide the best support to the mother in labor
  • breast feeding support
  • advice on how to take care of the newborn

Lamaze childbirth educators conduct courses in hospitals, at home, online, in community centers, in medical offices and hospitals. Couples have a choice  on wether they want to attend a class that lasts a weekend or a few weeks.


How to find a Lamaze Certified Instructor near me?

Check Lara’s Calendar for Training Workshops and Classes  or Visit Lamaze International for Parents to find classes near you or call toll free: (800)-368-4404. Note: a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) has to be certified only by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), which requires passing an international examination.



Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique for a natural childbirth?

The Alexander Technique  teaches the woman how to accept labor pain rather than wishing to eliminate it. Through inhibition and direction  we can stop alexandertechniqueour habitual reaction to pain. Instead of  tensing up when a contraction comes, the woman learns to  consciously undo the involuntary muscle tension. They can learn to exercise conscious control over their posture and movement.



HypnoBirthing® the Mongan Method

What is HypnoBirthing and how would it help me?hypnobirthing- doula services network

Just imagine childbirth without fear and birthing with a deep sense of relaxation, trust, and joy. This is the philosophy of HypnoBirthing® the Mongan Method, a natural childbirth education course, which prepares women for easier, more comfortable birth. Unlike other childbirth education classes, HypnoBirthing focuses on the mind-body connection.

The premise of HypnoBirthing® is that fear and tension cause pain in childbirth (and often unnecessary intervention and complication); therefore, if we can eliminate the fear and instead approach birth with confidence and joy, then our birthing experience will be easier and safer. We use hypnosis in birthing to remain relazed and calm so that are bodies are able to birth as nature intended, uninterrupted.

With deep relaxation, our body releases endorphins, a natural anesthesia, which always us to birth more comfortably, and sometimes without any pain at all. In this course you will learn about the power of the mind-body connection, deep relaxation / hypnotic techniques, and how to best prepare for labor, delivery, and the postpartum period.

You will leave this course feeling fully educated, emotionally empowered, and equipped with many techniques to keep you calm and in control during labor and delivery.

The Bradley Method of Husband-Coached Natural Childbirth

The Bradley Method of Husband-Coached Natural Childbirth

What is the Bradley Method?

The Bradley Method is popular among couples that take a proactive approach to natural labor. Robert Bradley, an American obstetrician, created the method in the 1940s. At the center of it, is the birthing process as a natural and enjoyable experience without unnecessary interventions and drugs.
doula work

It is a unique, 12-week program, taught by a certified Bradley Method instructor. The Bradley Method attributes its success to small classes (up to 8 couples), individual attention and lots of practice time. The Bradley Mothed approach to natural childbirth is based on the labor physiology.  According the Bradley Method website, the method boasts an almost 90 percent success rate of “spontaneous, unmedicated vaginal births”.

How can couples benefit from the Bradley Method?

The Bradley Method distinctive feature is the presence of a birth coach. Coaches (husbands, partners) provide essential physical, emotional and informational support to the mother in labor. The Bradley Method comprehensive instruction covers:

  • relaxation techniques
  • stages of labor and best ways to handle them
  • birth rehearsals
  • labor positions
  • natural ways to reduce pain
  • other ways to help the mother stay healthy and low risk

It even covers accidental, unassisted births. Coaches also advocate for the mothers in labor, so that they can focus on the birthing process.


How is the Bradley Method different from others?

The Bradley Method distinguishes itself from other birthing classes by providing information about everything a couple needs for a natural unmedicated birth. Their extensive 130-page workbook contains information on:

  • nutrition
  • prenatal exercises
  • doulas
  • possible complications
  • avoiding unnecessary Cesarian, episiotomy and tears
  • postpartum care
  • breast feeding
  • contains sample birth plans and a certificate of congratulations

The Bradley Method certified instructors have been trained buy the American Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth and undergo continuous training.


How can I find a class near me?

  • You can find upcoming Bradley Method Classes using Lara’s Calendar (Our Upcoming Training Classes and Workshops Calendar)
  • Call the American Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth — the organization that Bradley founded to disseminate information about his method — at (800) 422-4784 or visit the group’s website to get a list of instructors certified in the Bradley Method who practice in your area.