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Allison Harris

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As mentors and supportive guides, we journey with you on one of life’s most wondrous adventures, and at its conclusion, it is our great joy and honor to cheer, cry happy tears, and congratulate you for having climbed your Mount Everest, and for standing triumphantly at the top. Kairos doulas are committed to helping you recognize and use the skills and knowledge you already possess, as well as opening doors that may introduce new avenues of thought, seeing, exploration, creativity, and self expression. Through compassionate, loving, and supportive care which empowers the birthing mother, we work as part of the maternity team, alongside your medical caregivers, to help begin the life of your new baby, and your new family, in an atmosphere of joy, love, caring, and respect. Our professional birth doulas, are women serving women, through non-judgmental, unconditional, nurturing; physical, emotional and educational support, and love.

Allison Harris NCTMB,LMT,CD, has over 20 years experience in the women’s, family, and holistic health care fields. She has worked in the areas of maternal child health, birth and family support services, education, health care education, therapeutic massage, holistic health care, expressive arts,and perinatal grief and loss. Allison has created and directed multiple hospital based and private birth,health,therapeutic massage, expressive arts, and related programs.


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